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The Su Lab at Yale School of Medicine is recruiting 1-2 postdoctoral fellows. We study membrane remodeling and signal transduction during immune responses. Using combined approaches of biochemical reconstitution, microscopy, cell engineering, and mouse models, we aim to address fundamental questions in the interface between cell biology and immunology. Our work also involves the development of new therapeutic targets and strategies for immune diseases and cancers.
Currently we have two research directions for incoming postdocs: 1) CAR engineering; 2) Phase separation in immune signaling. Candidates with first-author publication(s) in immunology, tumor biology, cell biology or relevant fields are encouraged to apply. Experience in mouse work is appreciated though not required. Postdocs are expected to work independently and receive mentorship from Dr. Su in both science and professional skills that lead to starting a faculty position. The enrolled postdoc will receive standard salary and benefits of Yale postdoc employees.
Candidates interested in this position may contact Dr. Xiaolei Su, attaching a CV and briefly stating your research interest ( 

Postdoc position in phase separation and cancer immunology
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